Bogle Farms Wedding | Georgia Wedding Photographer

Ya’ll I am in love with this wedding!  Jennifer is such a gorgeous bride & the love these two have for each other just fills up the room.  This was such a fun loving group!  Chase and Jennifer exchanged vows at Bogle Farms in Greenville, Ga.  The venue stretches as far as the eye can see and made the perfect backdrop for this summer wedding.  Outdoor receptions are some of my very favorite- there is just something about dancing the night away under the stars on a warm, southern night.  Chase and Jen’s was extra special, they treated their guests to two delicious food trucks!  The chicken & waffles and that Ricky Bobby biscuit were scrumptious, definitely gives life to the phrase “a little south in your mouth.”

(P.s. You have got to check out the flower girls awesome dance moves- totally won the dance off!)

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Carter!

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Hair & Makeup: Beauty Asylum 

Gown: J. Andrews

Florals: Virtu Floral 

Venue: Bogle Farms

Food Trucks : Nana G’s Chicken and Waffles & Deep South Biscuit Company

Cake: Uzi Wiggins Cakes






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