Back to School Session | Georgia Lifestyle Photographer

Its a big world baby, and your little for a little while…

My sunshine. When we look back on this we will have a laugh and there will be many jokes made about mommy’s kindergarten break down. I know you ask if I’ll be there and you cry because you’re scared its too long to be away, but don’t for one second think I’m not there. When you walk into that big lunch room and feel small, I am right there beside you. When you’re out on the playground searching for the courage to introduce yourself, I am pushing you forward. When you wish you were home, I am there with my arms wrapped tight around you. Wherever you go, my heart is attached to yours.

I am your biggest fan and I know you’re going to have fun in there. You’re going to make friends and get super excited about each new thing you learn. You’ll probably end up with a “girlfriend” before too long. I can even see you playing police out on the playground.

I promise to be more excited than sad about your newest adventure.  I’ll eagerly listen to how your day was and you can bet on some awesome Pinterest lunches happening here and there, complete with little picture notes… that is until you learn to read in big boy kindergarten.
While you’re having fun in there, I will be counting down the minutes and patiently waiting 15 minutes early in the carpool line for you.


1995 Throwback right here.  This girl sported a Power Rangers box and thermos to school every day in elementary school.  I am so glad I hung on to it, now I get to share my Power Ranger obsession with my Littles.







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