Tangled | Rapunzel Birthday Party

My sweet little Livi turned three!  Her favorite show is Tangled so of course she wanted a “punzel” birthday this year.  It was so much fun piecing her party together.  I had a hard time finding Tangled birthday party decor so a lot of it had to be made, but thats the funnest part!  With some pinspiration and some craftiness Livi had her “best day ever!”

7Z7A6931 copy7Z7A6956 copy7Z7A6936 copy

I found this gorgeous, handmade Rapunzel dress on Etsy.  The store is called Lover Dovers!  She loves playing dress up and I really wanted something special for her big day.

The painting that served as the backdrop for our dessert table was the same one Rapunzel painted in the movie.  It took me two days and re-watching that one scene from Tangled about 20 times.  It has been a long time since I have gotten to paint, or craft for that matter, so I really enjoyed it.

7Z7A6994 copy

Our cake was made by Cindy from Blooming Flour Bakery!  Miss Cindy was awesome.  She looked through our pinterest ideas, that Livi picked out herself.  She delivered the cake and let my Little help add some icing… to the back of the cake.   😉

Tangled Birthday CakeTangled Birthday Cake

On our dessert table we had lots of yummy treats to choose from. We had cheese danishes because they are Livi’s favorites!  It comes out more like “deez nanish” when she asks for them.  I made Rapunzel’s tower to hold all of them.   I used a bird house from Michael’s , two Pringles cans, three cardboard cake platters, and yellow yarn.  I painted the cans gray all around and then later went back and added the bricks and vines.  Then I painted the birdhouse to look like the tower.  For the braid I grouped several strands of yarn into three groups and then braided them.

Tangled Birthday Party7Z7A6957 copy7Z7A6927 copy
I found those awesome wooden sun shapes in Michaels.  They look so much like the sun in the movie!  I just painted them gold and wrote the different foods out in black paint.  Calligrapher, I am not!

Maximus is the horse the movie and he loved apples, so we had little apple pies!

7Z7A6923 copy

Rapunzel loves to paint in the movie so we had paint brushes!

7Z7A6921 copy7Z7A6922

We had jello boats since Flynn Rider and Rapunzel take a boat out to watch the lanterns.

Tangled Party

For dinner we had a pasta bar!  With angel hair pasta (Rapunzel’s hair), bow tie pasta  (Rapunzel’s hair bows), and rotini (Reese’s curls).  Like I said, I am no good at painting little tiny words on little tiny surfaces, buuut I thought the tiny easels were perfect to tie in Rapunzel’s painting and label all the foods.

Everyone really loved the bread sticks!  I separated my dough into three strands and braided them to make Rapunzel’s braids.


The magical flower that give Rapunzel’s hair its magic was super easy to make!  I found the yellow lilly at Hobby Lobby and then used some left over gold paint to cover the petals, then sprinkled some fine gold glitter over them.

In the movie they also visit a bar called the Snuggly Duckling.  Livi loves that song so I wanted to include that part of the movie in our party!

We skipped the streamers this year and decorated with Rapunzel’s hair!  I purchased a huge roll of plastic, yellow table cloth from Party City & then pinned it throughout the house so it looked like she left her trail of hair.

Tangled Birthday Party






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