Evans Family | Atlanta, Ga Family Photographer

This little family of four has stolen my heart.  Their twin 8 month old boys had me laughing the whole time.  I seriously wanted to stick them in my pocket and take them home so I could just squeeze their sweet cheeks.  This is my second time photographing twins, but the first time working with baby twins!  Eli and Easton made my job easy, we had a nice chunk of time filled with smiles and a couple of giggles.  We even stole a moment, stuck them in a bucket right out of frame and grabbed a shot of mom and dad.  This is one of my most favorite family sessions ever.

7Z7A9467 7Z7A9387 7Z7A9377 7Z7A9400 7Z7A9440 7Z7A9449 7Z7A9464

7Z7A9499 7Z7A9509 7Z7A9520 7Z7A95507Z7A95827Z7A9573




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