Newnan, Ga Portrait Photographer


” I wonder sometimes if fog is just the clouds that could not stand to be away from earth any longer.  Just the ones that were too tired to float any more and wanted to feel soil once again.” – Tyler Knott Gregson


We live in a magical place.   I think to myself everyday as I drive past the same fields everyday.  Stretched out far and wide and rolling on farther than I can see.  Outlined with miles of fence, divided by patches of trees.  I am convinced there are a few select places where you can experience a beautiful sunset, and right there at the top of the hill that overlooks these pastures must be one of them.  A southern sky painted four different colors and burning bright.  It streaks through the tall grass and silhouettes the cows grazing…

There was one day though, where a fog gently fell on top of the entire town.  I spent my whole day riding around just in awe of how thick and cloudy my once recognizable world had become.  Everything looked foreign.  Everything looked untouched.  Its amazing how the fog transformed the landscape.

I kept hearing people complaining and wishing for a brighter day, but I couldn’t help but think… its beautiful.  Its rare and its fleeting.  I didn’t want to waste the scenery.  I decided to photograph a portrait session.


The thick heavy blanket of fog, covered everything. The fog swam in and out of the woods and wrapped itself around the trees so thick, that if hadn’t of driven by this same place every day, I’d never suspect them standing there.   A hopeless, lonely patch of tall weeds suddenly stood out and had a moment’s notice.


7Z7A0090 7Z7A0117


7Z7A02017Z7A0194 copy


7Z7A0319 7Z7A0312


Beauty doesn’t only dwell in sunny places.  It lies in the overlooked places… Its not only the sun drenched fields and saturated hues that are beautiful.  What one may call a dreary day, can hold a graceful, peaceful beauty for another.

I put fog smothered days in with the other unusual, different, and mesmerizing… like singing a sad song at the top of your lungs, curling up on the couch on a rainy day , or having a good cry, the kind of good cry that starts a new chapter and brings about change.  That first deep breath after a case of the blues… the moment when you realize ‘that’ just made me stronger.  I think they all deserve a place.  We do not all have sunny, fun filled, over joyed days every single day of our life. It just doesn’t happen to anyone.  A catalog of pretty pictures all placed perfectly together, taken only when everything was in line and order is not an accurate depiction of one’s life.  It is the high notes, but its a half truth.  There are foggy days in every story and if you’re paying close enough attention, you just might accidentally see the beauty they have to offer.

So I challenge you to change your way of thinking.  To stop yourself the next time the weather is gray and tell yourself at least one positive and try not to complain about the weather.  Maybe today is the day you go dance in the rain… or play in the fog. 😉



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