Fire Station Tour | Newnan, Ga Photographer

You know how I feel about birthdays,  I like to make them as special and memorable as possible.  So when Maddox’s fourth birthday rolled around and he asked for a police and fire truck birthday, I knew we had to go see the fire station!  I can not say enough nice things about the Coweta County Fire Department.  They took their time and genuinely were excited for Maddox.  I thought we might be rushed and would be in and out, but that wasn’t the case at all.  They showed him the living area, let him play in the work out room, check out the bedrooms, and offices.  Captain Flanagan personally gave  M the tour and answered all of his questions.  Maddox talks to grown ups as if he is one, so it really makes my heart happy when someone gives him that attention and one on one conversation.

This particular station has a winding slide instead of a pole, which is why we had to tour it!  Maddox thought that was the greatest thing ever.  He got a nice little workout going up all those stairs just so he could slide back down.
Capt. Flanagan let us look over each truck and climb throughout.  Maddox touched every knob and button.  He tried out the sirens and they let us all ride in the bucket.  My favorite parts though, were the kids holding the water hose and taking a ride in the truck.
It was so sweet to see them with the kids.  They really were great with them…
I think Reese stole the heart of one of the fire fighters/paramedics.  She had him holding her baby & her hand, she had him cracking up.  She threw her baby on the ground, yanked the hose out of his hands and blasted her in the face.  He told her the baby had to ride on the back since she was wet, so she tossed her on the bumper.
I still can’t get over how they let Maddox drive the truck!  He got to steer the truck all the way back to the station.   It really made his day.  He left the station doing a little dance and singing “my birthday, my birthday, my birthday…”

I think it made them feel proud that they have this little guy so intrigued with their career and looking up to them.  They are far cooler than super heroes to him, he knows they are real heroes.

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