Mini Vacation | Savannah, Ga Lifestyle Photographer

So my husband was going to be away for a week training in Savannah.  My mom was going out of town for a conference in Texas and I had a window of time in between my photo sessions.  I was thinking of what I was going to do with the kids all week and then lightbulb!
Spontaneous mini vacation to the beach!  My daughter has never been, my son loves it, and I needed a change of scenery.

Our vacation was never dull and it usually isn’t with littles in tow.
  On the way home I was running through all that I was going to blog about.  How my daughter stood up in a nice restaurant and peed in her chair , running away from mommy,  screaming, mess making, fighting over mommy, dialing the hotel phone, waking our neighbors, on and on… My kids don’t do well in hoo-tels (thats how Maddox refers to them.) Small, confined areas aren’t really their thing.  So unless we were outside things got a little crazy, even with a suitcase of toys, DVDs, and the promise to go swimming later.  I had jokes about likening being in a tiny hotel room with overtired littles to being caged with wild animals… but when I sat down and looked through these photos…
I had a really hard time remembering all those crazy moments.  Sure they gave me a run for my money here and there, but if you think about the times spent being able to  play with our littles, those little stressful moments fall away.  I could only remember how my son and I built a fort out of sand and how he saved my daughter from the seagulls.  Livi bathed her baby doll in the ocean and Maddox enjoyed the waves for the first time.  Not only did I have a much needed trip to the beach, I got to photograph for myself too.
On the last day of our vacation this is what we had above us.
A reminder of His constant love and presence
and that you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain…

Is it just me or does it seem like the kids only have to potty when there is no bathroom around for at least 15 miles?  On a populated stretch of road, every one insists they don’t have to potty…. but as soon as we drive to Middle of Nowhere it hits them.

Helpful mommy tip*  when you are potty training & even when they are fully trained, bring the potty with you!  You never know when they won’t be a place to stop and I promise you, you do not want an accident in the car seat.  Car seat strap assembly is my kryptonite so I like to avoid it at all cost. 

When we finally arrived after 5 potty breaks, 2 were false alarms… we couldn’t get our suits on fast enough.  We headed straight to the beach.  I couldn’t wait to see Livi’s reaction to the ocean!  She came running, arms out, and laid herself down in the shallow water.  She laughed hysterically!
So thankful that I have two water lovin’ babies, because I honestly could live in the ocean or in a pool, I don’t care as long as I am in the water!
Something about it soothes my soul and its wondrous to see it within my littles.

Seeing them play like that, takes me right back to my childhood.  Do you remember the beach as a child?  I could’ve stayed all day, all night.  I never wanted to go inside.  Now I am on the other side.  I still wish I could stay all day, but now its my job to think about sun exposure, getting some fresh water to drink, lunch, naps, no sand throwing, potty breaks, jellyfish, floaties…

Here are a few of my iPhone photos from our mini vacation.
 You don’t want sand in your camera. Not a single speck. I shot all of my photos with sand free, dry hands with my camera poking out of a ziplock bag.
Hubs called her a fish and she looked at him serious as could be and said “no, I a dolphin.”
My baby knows she is special.  🙂
Another mommy tip* get one of this rolling carts.  It turns the walk down to the beach and back to the hotel into a breeze.  No armfuls of floats and shovels, just load it up and roll.


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