Gardening with the Littles | Senoia, Ga Children Photographer

There is nothing that says happy child quite like a mud covered child. 

 We love for our littles to play outside, but more than that we love our littles learning outside.  Through gardening we are able to teach them where real food comes from and some life skills.  

  We break up the earth with tillers, rakes, and shovels… look at the different shapes, sizes and colors of seeds.  Then we plant our seeds, feed them, and water them.  The kids get a lesson in how the sun and water work to grow and nourish the plant.  They’ll see the seed transform into a plant, and then they’ll see the plants produce fruits and veggies.  I can’t wait for them to dig up carrots and there are definitely going to be pictures of them sitting in the watermelon patch.  

  My kids love helping us make meals, so I know they will be super proud of themselves for picking the food, washing it, and then cooking and serving it!

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