Birth | Welcome Jaxon | Newnan, Ga Birth Photographer

 I am beyond excited to share Jaxon’s entrance into the world.  Since I was pregnant with my first baby, I have been mesmerized by birth photography.  I can’t even look through pinterest boards of birth photography without crying happy tears.  (That’s why I can no longer look through birth photos in Starbucks, people think I am nuts crying and smiling…) Of all the moments I photograph, this is my favorite.

  I can’t put into words how honored I am that Hailey & Scott chose me to capture the most memorable moment in their lives.  
There is no experience like bringing your child into the world and meeting them face to face for the first time.  Jaxon’s mommy and daddy have a lot of love between them and were such a strong duo through Hailey’s labor.  She was a rockstar in there! 

Little Jaxon just doesn’t know how very much he is loved yet.  The room was filled with love the second he entered into it. 

  I cried all over again when the grandmas came in to meet baby Jaxon.  Hailey’s mom ran in and made eye contact with her first.  She had to check on her baby.  You can just see the excitement and pride in their eyes.  
  Mr. Jaxon is 8 pounds 5 ounces of wonderful sweetness. 




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