Bathing in Sunlight | Senoia, Ga Children Photographer

 “blessed are those who find beauty in humble places”
These are photos of my morning playing in the light & water with my littles.  I pray I always remember these small, fleeting moments.  When they are much older and on their way into the world- I hope photos like these give my future self some comfort. 

I challenged myself earlier this year to put myself in my photographs.  I realized that I wasn’t giving myself a place in our albums.  I think many moms forget to find a way to include themselves in their photos.  Not to say my kids won’t remember me racing cars on the kitchen floor, reading a million bedtime stories, or running around the yard with them, but time does take away small details.  I want them to look back and see the joy washed over my face when I look at them… the gentle touch of my hand in their hair, all the “little things” that connect me to these two little people. 

My favorite self portrait to date. Me, being their mommy.  I think this is where I am beautiful, this is where I shine.  Playing with my littles, loving them, sharing an abundance of joy and laughter. 

– they made self timers for a reason – 

Check out this blog post by Allison Tate – it may make you rethink hiding from the camera.  This made me cry, like ugly cry… This lady’s words could be my own. I am definitely challenging myself this year. What a wonderful (and obtainable) resolution.

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